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PagoDirecto and PagoEfectivo have been established as the Peruvian media ready to compete with the companies more companies open a gap in a very complex and competitive market, with the advantage of knowing the terrain better than foreign companies. . Little by little, you are

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What is Direct Payment?

PagoDirecto is a local payment method in Peru with a growing presence in online casinos and e-commerce stores. PagoDirecto offers solutions for both deposits and withdrawals of money to companies and users. It is a Peruvian company and its benefits have a direct impact on the country, so supporting the Peruvian product acquires added value. They have a contact form in case you have any questions and customer service in Spanish.

What online casinos support Direct Payment as a means of deposit or withdrawal?

Today this payment method is accepted in only some casinos, including Betsson and Betsafe, and they give you the ability to deposit and withdraw money in soles very easily.

Its mode of use is comfortable and simple: you make the purchase or deposit in the normal way, choosing Direct Payment as the means of payment. Then you will receive a 5-digit code that will help you finalize the transaction. That payment you made must be made to Direct Payment through your online banking or in person at a point enabled for this purpose to complete the operation. It is worth noting that the code is valid for only 24 hours. You can also make the deposit to PagoDirecto through the internet or mobile (BCP, Interbank, Banbif), through an agency, agency or in the ATM network of these banks.

In the same way you can make money withdrawals, which makes this option very convenient for online casino players. To use Direct Payment in this way, you will be able to select as the payment method, the amount to withdraw and wait for the casino to send you the payment notification. This is where you can get your money by receiving it at any of the best financial institutions in Peru such as BCP, BBVA, Banco de la Nación, Interbank, Scotiabank, Banco de Comercio, etc.

Open an account in PagoDirecto, how do I use PagoDirecto?

You can get your PagoDirecto account by registering on the web including your personal data, and there you can decide if you want to link your credit card, or if you want to load funds from, for example, an ATM. From there, if you choose to buy or deposit on an online site paying with Direct Payment, you don’t need a credit card. Then a unique code is generated for the user to complete their purchase. The client makes the payment of the code from his internet banking or in the payment network. It is a payment method that is fast in transactions and works 24 hours a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of PagoDirecto

Among the benefits of using Direct Payment is being a means of payment that is made through a simple transaction without revealing credit card details. Its transactions are fast and secure and it is a platform associated with ASBANC, which is why it is endorsed by this association, which is synonymous with security in your transactions.

PagoDirecto is 100% Peruvian and its benefits return to the country. Its ease of use and convenience when depositing and withdrawing money make it a very interesting service for Peruvian players. It also has a customer service available for any problem. A total guarantee of security by being affiliated with the Association of Banks of Peru. It is widely accepted in the country and more and more online casinos in Peru use it.

Among the disadvantages of using PagoDirecto is, above all, the expiration of the PagoDirecto code, which is only valid for 24 hours. There are many international operators that do not support this payment method, and their contracting is not automatic.

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